Agok residents receive food and non-food Aid

Some residents in Agok in Rumamer county of Abyei Administrative Area receiving humanitarian aid. | Photo Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2023

200 households in Agok town and neighboring areas in Abyei Administrative Area received food, non-food items, and financial assistance from church leaders on Wednesday 15th March 2023. The assistance was delivered by the Episcopal Church to residents of Agok, Aniet, Juoljok, Awal, and Rumamer.

The church secretary in Agok gave a statement to Abyei FM on Thursday 16th March 2023. Mr. Joseph Kat said their intervention aimed at encouraging Agok and villages’ residents to stay in their respective areas.

Ms. Ateng Mabil, a resident of Agok and one of the beneficiaries said she got 17.5 kg of sorghum, 7 kg of sugar, wheat flour, and a bag of lentils. She said it’s the first time for her to receive aid since she decided to remain in the town after the fighting erupted there last year. Ms Ateng thanked the church saying food items would mean some meals for her family.

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