Abyei Community Organization condemns VP Hussein

Abyei Community Organization in Juba has condemned the statement of the Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol before chiefs of Twic County in Warrap State last week.

This came in a press release on Monday 9th January 2023 seen by Abyei FM. The statement accused VP Hussein of being bias in the conflict and works to twist the realities.

According to the document, VP Hussein speech encourages Twic armed youth to continue attacking villages and areas within Abyei Administrative Area as it happened in Rumamer early this month of January.  

The community organization accused VP Hussein of not recognizing the ruling of Permanent Court of Arbitration, contradicting the constitution and undermining the mandate of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) to protect civilians and properties.

According to the press release, the Organization rejects any future cooperation or participation in any mediation facilitated by VP Hussein for he has not proven to be impartial in addition to the fact that the committee’s period has elapsed.