Health department, partners launch routine vaccine campaign in Abyei

Director of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Youssuf Lal Ayom | Credit: Makuac Deng Ayei | AIRS

Health department in Abyei administrative area and its partner Goal Ireland are launching a routine vaccination campaign against polio on Tuesday 9th November 2022. It targets children aged from 0-11 months.

The campaign supplements previous vaccinations for left out beneficiaries. Expanded immunization program department says the campaign will last for three months with four days each.

The director of Expanded program on immunization spoke to Abyei FM during the launch.

Youssuf Lal Ayom said vaccination will protect children for childish six diseases. He specified that this month’s campaign focuses on polio prevention. Ayom urges parents to make sure that their beloved children are immunized.