Abyei chamber of commerce asks Presidency to compensate traders

Hon. Angelo Beda (L) with Chief Administrator Hon. Kuol Deim Kuol (R) | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS

Chamber of commerce in Abyei Administrative Area has demanded compensation from the Presidency for losses incurred after markets were set ablaze during the fighting between Ngok and Twic communities.

This was revealed by chairperson of chamber of commerce after a meeting with the Council of States’ investigation committee on Tuesday 8th November 2022.

Chol Deng Chol said that Hon. Angelo Beda promised to deliver their request to the President of the republic.

The total value of loses is estimated to be 2.3 billion South Sudanese Pounds.

This is according to a joint assessment report released by area administration of finance and planning and the chamber of commerce that the chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area presented to the Council of States in March this year.

An adhoc committee from the Council of States has been visiting Warrap State Headquarters, Twic County and Abyei Administrative Area to investigate the root causes of intercommunal violence between Ngok and Twic and then compile a comprehensive report about their findings and recommendations to arrest the conflict.

On Wednesday 9th November 2022, the committee visited Agok/Aneit town the scene of first violence, met SSPDF commanders and travelled to Wau on their way to Juba.

Head of the Committee thanked Abyei administration for facilitating their mission to the region.

Hon. Angelo Beda described their mission as fruitful as they have touched some of the root causes of this crisis.

He said the Council of States would take necessary measures to end this senseless fighting between the two sisterly communities of Ngok and Twic.