Vietnamese engineers build community police post in Nyinkuac market

Opening of drainage channels in Abyei Town by Vietnamese engineers of UNISFA in Abyei Town this year| Credit: Rose Monytoc | AIRS

Vietnamese engineers of the United Nations Interim Security for Abyei are building a post for community police in Nyinkuac market in Abyei Town.

The lead officer at the post spoke to Abyei FM on Monday 7th November 2022.

Ismael Malek Dau said the building is made of prefab containers.

It composed of four rooms which will be used as complaints, investigation and director offices as well as a reception.

He said construction was a response to their demand to improve working environment. Dau thanked the UN for the building that would alleviate dire police working environment, especially during rainy seasons.

Community police official didn’t reveal when the work that began this month would finish or when complete offices would be handed over to them.

It is worth mentioning that Vietnamese engineers executed a lot of construction projects including gender-based violence unit among others.