ADRA distributes forms in schools for girls’ incentives

ADRA director of schools Mr. Arop Mou Atem issues forms to pupils at Abyei Girls’ Primary School. | Credit: Rose Monytoc | AIRS

Adventists Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) started on Wednesday 26th October 2022 distribution of girls’ incentive forms to schools in Abyei Administrative Area. The project is part of girls’ education support in South Sudan.

ADRA director of schools told Abyei FM that 3525 forms would be issued to primary and secondary schools to determine the criteria of giving out cash.

Mr. Arop Mou said they were facing difficulties to reach schools south of the Kiir River due to floods and insincerity.

He said forms would be sent to Juba for verification then cash would be dispatched to Abyei Administrative Area for the beneficiaries.

Girls’ incentive project which began in 2019 is implemented by ADRA.