Six residential areas in Abyei Town submerged by rain water

Some residents stand in water at a flooded home in Abyei Town | Credit: Rose Monytoc

 Six residential areas in Abyei Town have been inundated by a heavy downpour which started on Thursday evening until eight O’clock on Friday morning.

The affected areas are Abyei-Thony, Kol Bol, Wundup, Bob chok, Abyei Jongyom, and Nyinkuac.  

Around ten families there have deserted their houses because of floods.  

 Kuol Aguek Miyen from Abyei-thony says he has been forced to stay in his cousin’s house which is on high ground in the same area. He complained about inaction from the government to solve problems caused by floods.

In a related development, Mr. Ring Deng Kuol from the same area called on the government to assist affected people with whatever possible.  

 In June heavy rains also inundated some residential areas in Abyei Town prompting intervention of UNISFA’s Vietnamese engineering troops to open drainage system.   

 Abyei Town Mayor, spoke to Abyei FM after inspecting submerged houses. Apach Deng Biong said the damage caused by water was very clear.  

 Biong said he has just met UNISFA acting head of mission and force commander to ask for the support of Vietnamese engineering department to open more water courses.