Abyei Civil Society in US lobbies for adoption of Framework proposal

Chairman of Abyei Civil Society Organization  Mr. James Aguek wearing a suit with a neck tie pose for a group photo with some of his colleagues.

Abyei Civil Society Organization in the US conducted a series of in-person and virtual meetings with the United States’ Mission to the United Nations and AU High Level Implementation Panel, on Friday 12th August 2022.

The first meeting with US mission was attended by Deputy Head of Mission, Richard Mills and four other members, Mr. James Ngong Aguek, chairman of Abyei Civil Society Organization with four members.

It focused on permanent UNISFA mandate not an exit strategy, double current UNISFA force size and equipped it well, addition of more western military advisors to UNISFA, redeployment of SAF & SSPDF 10 miles outside the Abyei box, training of Abyei police, taking of full control of Abyei oil revenues and other natural resources by the UN to fund social services in the region and UN Security Council to adopt Framework proposal.

Mr. James Aguek told Abyei FM that US mission in the United Nations promised to study these request points and get back to them with answers.

The second virtual meeting involved the United Nations and African Union and it focused on effective protection of Abyei people, recent insecurity development and finding a breakthrough in the Abyei’s issue impasse.

This meeting was attended by ten people including President Thabo Mbeki head of AUHIP,  UNSG special envoy for the Hon of Africa Anna Tetteh, Dr. Francis and James Aguek among others.

Mr. James Aguek gave an overview to Sudan’s 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), and nature of the alleged dispute over the Abyei region. He said that President Mbeki appreciated the initiative to overcome the impasse on Abyei issue and promised to engage the Misseriya, government of South Sudan and Sudan to seek a common ground for the proposal that will adopted by AU Peace and the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile Dr. Francis focused on explaining elements of the Framework Proposal. It is worth mentioning that the Framework Proposal of Dr. Francis Mading Deng seeks an interim arrangement for Abyei and not final the final status.