Abyei Town Mayor urges youth to increase charcoal production

Mayor of Abyei Municipality Apach Deng Biong | Credit: Makuac Deng Ayei | AIRS

Abyei mayor is urging youth to increase charcoal production. Apach Deng Biong believes that youth involvement in charcoal business can reduce its soaring prices.

A sack of charcoal is sold in the market at 5,000 South Sudanese Pounds. On his part Abyei youth union chairperson has confirmed that they have already started production. Mr. Chol Lual Miyen said they have given cutting electric saws to a number of youths in order to make charcoal.

However, Miyen said they have set some conditions including a ban on fruit trees in accordance with environmental laws. He calls on youth cooperation and work hard for the area.