Over 800 students face shortage of clean drinking water

Amethbek secondary school in Abyei Town-Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS

About 881 students in Abyei complex secondary school are suffering from the lack of clean drinking water. The school administration said they get water from Ameth-Beek nearby mini water yard for 30 minutes only.

Headteacher Santino Jok Mijak says shortage of water is the major challenge at the school. He said area’s administration of physical infrastructure donated a hand-pump, however the facility is not installed yet. The administration is yet to comment on the complaint due to lack of drinking water in the school.

Last month more than 1000 learners from Abyei girls’ primary school faced the same problem. Later on the administration of physical infrastructure fixed the broken borehole.