Four people injured during clashes with armed raiders in Abyei Area

Cattle in Juoljok area of Rumamer county in Abyei Administrative Area. | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2021

Four people were injured as local youths clashed with armed raiders in Mijak County of Abyei Administrative Area on Monday. According to local authorities, armed men raided more than 1000 head of cattle in Denchuk village on Monday.

Caretaker commissioner of Mijak, Hon. Chol Adhol said the cattle were recovered in Jok-nyang village in Rumamer county. The commissioner reported that four people were injured with two in critical condition. According to Hon. Adhol those with serious injuries are receiving treatment at MSF Hospital.

He says the livestock were taken by armed men believed to be from Unity State. Abyei FM is yet to verify this claim.

This the second cattle raiding incident in Mijak County this year. Four months ago, nearly two thousand heads of cattle were looted, by an armed group said to be from Misseriya.