SSPDF Joint Operations Commander urge leaders in Abyei Administrative Area to implement agreement to end communal violence

Maj.Gen Gabriel Chol Madol during a live talk show hosted by Abyei FM’s Deng Korchiek on June 1st 2022. | credit: Deng Korchiek | AIRS 2022

The Commander of the Joint Operations Forces of South Sudan People Defence Forces Third Division, Major General Gabriel Chol Madol, urged community leaders to educate the public in Abyei Administrative Area to implement cessation of hostilities agreement signed in April between community in Twic county of Warrap State and in Abyei Administrative Area.

To end the violence that left scores dead in Agok in February, communities in Warrap and in Abyei Administrative Area met and signed cease fire agreement in Aweil in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State in April.

Gen. Madol said this in meeting with leaders of Rumamer county. The army general said came to the region to implement the constitution of South Sudan which calls for protection of its borders and citizens of South Sudan and their property.

 He said that he has redeployed his forces in Madou, Akur, Maker, Rec Ayan and other areas along the borders of Twic county of Warrap State and Abyei Administrative Area to prevent infiltration of attackers to either communities.

Gen. Madol called on the assembled youth to exercise restraint and remain in their positions until the problem is resolved through peaceful means by the national government. He added that additional forces are coming, including forces from national security, and the South Sudan Police, to prevent further communal clashes.

The army general was speaking on Abyei FM on Thursday. In response, elders of Rumamer expressed their support to the new commander in carrying out his duties.

In February armed youths from Warrap State clashed with armed local youths killing scores in Agok. The fighting is a result of land disputes.

Twic County claims ownership of Agok in Abyei Administrative Area and other areas at their borders.