Gov’t of NBGs evacuates 700 families from Abyei to Aweil

People of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state board trucks in Abyei Town before leaving for Aweil East county on Friday May 27, 2022 | Photo credit: Makuac Deng Ayei/AIRS

The first batch of 700 families left Abyei Town in Abyei Administrative Area on Friday for Aweil East County of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. These families were displaced from Amiet after an attack in April 2022.

Aweil East County Commissioner, Hon. Kiir Yor Lual who is visiting Abyei currently spoke to Abyei FM.
He said the repatriation came as a response of his government to the demand of the families to be taken back to Aweil due to dire living conditions.

Yor thanked the area government for the good reception and cooperation.

Atong Angok, an IDP said she was leaving Abyei not because of mistreatment by Ngok people but because of the rainy season as doesn’t have a house.

Abyei Town Mayor, Apach Deng Biong said that the IDPs some of whom hailed from Aweil are living in two camps in Nyinkuac and Rum-Ajak.

Abyei witnessed several attacks on its southern or northern borders which claimed dozens of lives, resulted in injuries, and caused displacement of thousands of families from their homes.