Farmers south of River Kiir begin cultivation

One of the farms in Waucin-Rumamer County of Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Deng Korchiek | AIRS 2019

Farmers in areas south of the Kiir river in Abyei administrative area began cultivation announcing the commencement of the agricultural season.

Cultivation began in Wunpeth, Gakyuom, Makuei wut, Majbong, and Ganga last weekend.

Bol Chol a farmer in Wunpeth east said he and seven counterparts started cultivation on 21st May 2022.

Bol confirmed that seeds sowed earlier have grown and that they are continuing to plant seeds on the remaining land.

Miokol Miyar said that they are working on their farms to encourage people to return home and embark on cultivation.

He stressed that the security situation is calm and added that it wouldn’t prevent them from cultivating their farms.

Another farmer, Musa Dholec said he is preparing to cultivate over the weekend after making sure there is enough moisture in the soil.

He said he has left his two farms of 40 makhmas and he’s preparing a new farm of three makhmas in Gung-Mabil north of Abathok village.

Farmers pleaded with the community to resort to farming and not to depend on dwindling humanitarian assistance.

They said that insecurity disturbances would come to an end, but hunger will not tolerate them next year.