Death toll from Wednesday attack in Abyei Administrative Area rises to 41


Misseriya assaults’ appearing riding Tok Tok in Noong Village on Wednesday morning

Authorities say the number of people who died as a result of separate attacks on three villages of Abyei Administrative Area has risen to forty-one.

On Wednesday, armed men said to be from Misseriya attacked Noong village north west of Abyei town killing nine people.

Similar attack took place simultaneously on Amiet market and killed wenty-seven people.

On the same day, the gunmen killed others in Leu village.

Among the dead are three women and two children according to Eyewitnesses.

Twenty-six people have sustained injuries with some in critical condition.

Ajak Deng Miyen is the caretaker head of education information culture youth and sports in Abyei Administrative Area.

According to him, the attackers looted over 1900 cattle.

He added 230 cattle were had returned.

He says the search for those who went missing during the attacks is on going.

Miyen says civilians have fled homes in those villages.