Ngok Dinka paramount chief calls for peace between Twic and Abyei communities


The paramount chief of Ngok Dinka has called on communities in Abyei Administrative Area and communities in Twic County of Warrap State to denounce violence and instead spread the culture of peace and peaceful coexistence.
The call comes after the outbreak of fighting between armed youth believed to be from Twic and the local in Agok in Abyei Administrative Area in February.

The communal clashes over land boundary disputes which led to the killing of more than twenty people and massive displacement of civil population.

Chief Bulabek Deng Kuol said social media should be used for peace and not to incite violence between Abyei and Twic areas.

Chief Deng was speaking in an exclusive interview with Abyei FM on Wednesday.

He stated that he had not heard of a fight between Ngok Dinka and Twic community since his child since his childhood.

He blamed the politicians for creating differences and divisions between the two sisterly communities.

Chief Deng said he hoped that the investigation will bring those involved in the violence to justice, and restore peace.

He called on all young people to stop violence.