Ngok Dinka chiefs received food aid for conflict affected people in Abyei


Alei Chiefdom representative received aid provided by Abyei community organization , Sons’ and Daughter in diaspora | photo credit to Chol Ayiik Abyei FM reporter

The chiefs of Ngok Dinka on Wednesday received food assistance provided by the Abyei Civil Society Organization in Juba.

The Abyei Civil Society Organization in Juba and those in diaspora donated 9,000 US Dollars to help those affected by the recent attacks in Agok that left more than twenty people dead.

Chief Gok Mou said he received 15bags of Sorghum which he said will be distributed to the most vulnerable groups within the clan.

The chief thanked Abyei Civil Society Organization in Juba and the diaspora for the assistance provided.

He appealed to residents to return to their villages.

The Acting Commissioner for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Abyei, Deng Wuor, says that they delivered the aid to the chiefs of nine Ngok Dinka chiefs.