Activist launches campaign for a final solution to Abyei issue


a hashtag raised by freelance activist on social media | image credit to Akol Miyen Kuol Facebook page.

An activist has launched a campaign calling for a resolution to Abyei issue. Mr. Akol Miyen Kuol, who resides in Nairobi, Kenya, launched the “Abyei Final Status” campaign on social media. He is calling on Sudan and South Sudan to determine the final status of Abyei.

The campaign was joined by many Abyei activists on Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign aims to push towards finding a final solution to the Abyei issue and to stop the suffering of the people of Abyei, according to Akol’s statement.

Speaking to Eye Radio in Juba, Akol said, “The Ngok Dinka people in Abyei have suffered for too long.”

He pointed out that the Abyei issue “must be settled once and for all.”

The campaign came after repeated incidents of violence in Abyei in the recent months.

In February, a communal fighting left more than twenty people dead in Agok. The attack was launched by armed youth said to be from Twic county of Warrap State.

The violence led to massive displacement of civil population, destruction of property and looting.

In March, armed group identified as Misseriya supported by Sudan government attacked Mading Thon in Abyei Administrative Area.

The incident claim ten lives.

Akol expressed his concerns over the situation in the area. He called for a resumption of talks on the final status of Abyei between Sudan and South Sudan.

Abyei remains a contested area since South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011.

In 2013, the Ngok Dinka conducted a unilateral referendum and voted to join South Sudan but the results were not recognized.

In May 2021, President Salva Kiir formed a high-level committee to start a dialogue with the Sudanese government on the final status of Abyei.

The committee, which was expected to provide President Kiir with monthly reports on the progress of the negotiations, has made no progress so far.