Committee investigating Agok attacks finished duties in Turalei after two days


Vice president for services cluster when arriving at Turalei airstrip on Saturday | image credit to Vice president office.

A committee formed to investigate communal violence which left more than 20 people dead in Agok in Abyei Administrative Area has concluded investigation in Turalei the head Quarters of Twic County in Warrap State.

The official spokesperson of the committee, Mr. Tor Deng Mawien, said that its investigations began on Sunday with the county commissioner and executive director of Turalei Payam.

The committee will also investigate representatives of civil society organizations and governor of Warrap State on Monday.

The team will proceed to Ajak-Kuac on Tuesday and go to Mayen Abun.

the investigation committee is expected to reach  Abyei Administrative Area over the weekend. The Acting Spokesperson confirmed that their committee will start an investigation with the chief administrator of Abyei especial administrative area.

The committee was formed by the President of South Sudan after repeated attacks on 10th of February and escalated.

The violence caused loss of lives, massive displacement, looting and burning of the markets.