Abyei community in Sudan demand for quick investigation in Agok attacks




Abyei Civil Society in Sudan has called on the government of South Sudan to quickly start of the necessary legal measures against those who launched a deadly attack on Agok Town of Abyei Administrative Area.

This came in a thoughtful and briefing meeting held by the community in Khartoum on Friday.

Mr. Jalal Ajak Adol is the head of civil society in Khartoum.

In his speech, Jalal demanded that the killers be prosecuted and started the legal procedures against the suspects.

This, he says could help calm down the situation and be an example to others.

Jalal added that the civil society rejects the committee formed by the South Sudan president because its members include Charles Majak Aleer and Nyandeng Malek who are allegedly play a role in the violence violence.

The Agok town witnessed an armed attack in which twenty people were killed and others wounded by gunmen said to be from Twic County of Warrap State.