UNICEF visits displaced people in Abyei

UNICEF and Nutrition department teams visiting Unity state IDPs in Abyei Town

UNICEF and the Nutrition Department of the Health Administration visited displaced people from Unity State who are at Comboni school in Abyei Administrative Area.

Mrs. Nyanluak Tor, director of the Nutrition Department, says that the purpose of the visit is to see the conditions of the displaced from Unity State.

She said they went to see whether their children and pregnant women are being treated for malnutrition.

Nyanluak said that they found children suffering from malnutrition and two elderly people with tuberculosis.

UNICEF promised to support the displaced with some materials and food soon after registration.

The number of displaced persons from Unity State has increased from 82 to 116 families.

These families fled Agok aftermath the fighting on 10, 11, 12 February when armed youth said to be from Twic county attacked the town.