South Sudan president Kiir forms committee to investigate Agok violence


The President of South Sudan Kiir has formed a committee to investigate communal violence in Agok in Abyei Administrative Area.

On 10, 11, and 12 February, armed youths said to be from Twic County of Warrap State attacked Agok in Abyei Administrative Area.

Similar attacks took place in Akechnhial and Abathok villages. Two people died including an eight-year-old boy who was burnt in a hut and two women were injured, according to official sources.

The land border related communal violence left 20 people dead, several others wounded and caused massive displacement of residents.

Some areas including Agok are being contested between Twic county of Warrap State and Abyei Administrative Area.

However, the 2009 Hague arbitration include Agok in the map of Abyei Administrative Area.

The decree was read on South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation on 24 February 2022.
The body is chaired by the Vice President for Service Cluster Huessein Abdelbagi Akol deputized by Governor of Unity State, Joseph Nguen Monytuil and the secretary is Dr. Dhieu Mathok South Sudan minister for investment.

Other members include Deng Alor Kuol minister of East African Affairs, Gen. Majak Akec, Inspector General of South Sudan National Police, Gen. Akol Koor, director general of internal security service, Gen. Marshal Babane, director of military intelligence, Hon. Aisha Abass member of South Sudan National Parliament representing Abyei, and Hon. Nyandeng Malek, Hon. Charles Majak Aleer members of South Sudan National Parliament representing Twic county among others.

The tasks of the committee are investigating the root cause of the fighting, ensuring that similar incident should not take place in future.

It is directed to report the finding to the president within twenty-one working days.