Warrap State government commits to arrest youth link to Agok attack


Hon. Peter Paduol , Minister of Local government and Law enforcement agencies of Warrap State speaking to Abyei FM’s Chol Juac Chol while visiting attacked village Abathok on 23 02 2022

Warrap State government has reiterated commitment to return the looted properties and arrest those involved in the recent attack on Agok town in Abyei Administrative Area.

Hon. Peter Paduol is the minister of local government and law enforcement agencies in Warrap State.

Speaking to Abyei FM, Peter says Warrap state government and Twic community chiefs have agreed to return the stolen property and deter further attacks.

He assured that there is accountability against those involved in the violence. He calls on both communities to stop confrontation but allow the government to find out the causes of the violence.

For his part, the caretaker head of department of physical infrastructure and public utilities in Abyei Administrative Area calls on those who fled Agok following fighting to return home so that they establish the amount of looted property.

Hon. Mayot Kuniet Miyen says the government of Warrap State and Abyei administration will find a solution in a few coming days.

He appealed to youths in Abyei not to launch attack on Twic community areas. On 10, 11, and 12 of February 2022, youths said to be from Twic county armed with guns attacked Agok Town.

The violence claimed about twenty people and caused massive displacement of civilians.

The fighting was triggered by dispute over ownership of land including Agok.