Successful cesarian section conducted at Ameth-beek Hospital for the first time


Doctors gave performed a cesarean operation on a 21-year-old woman for the first time at Ameth-beek Hospital in the Abyei Administrative Area.

The caretaker head of health in Abyei Administrative Area, Dr. Ayom Korchiek Ayom says the operation was carried out under the supervision of volunteer doctors from Juba.

Ayom says without them, the situation would have been difficult as MSF is not fully operational.

MSF hospital was the only facility performing caesarean sections for pregnant women.

Ayum mentioned that the health condition of the mother and the baby is good.

Ayom says the displaced people in the villages are suffering from inadequate health services.

But he says his administration will send teams of health workers to the villages this week to help in treating some cases.

For his part, the family of the mother who underwent the operation thanked the medical staff.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Amiok Abyei said she was worried about her daughter.

She says he first delivery was through operation carried out at MSF Hospital.