Aniet and Juol-jok markets reopen in conflicted affected Agok town


Anniet market reopen and two Darfurian traders in front their shop

Aniet market and Juol-jok in Abyei Administrative Area reopened Tuesday after more than four days of shut down.

The market was closed following random shooting on Thursday last week.

The shutdown was a result of armed attacks which left twenty people dead and displaced civil population in Agok.

Muhammad Harun, a trader in Aniet market confirmed the resumption of business activities in the market.

He however added that the business is poor because there are a few customers.

Most of the population has fled Agok to seek safety in Abyei town and other areas.

Julia Adau Wuor a woman in Agok residential area said she was able to buy some items for her children on Tuesday morning.

Julia reported that she and her children didn’t eat for the last two days.

On Saturday, most shops in the market were burnt with some goods including food items.

The businesses reopened following three days of calm in the town.