An elder man killed in Abyei

Late Miyen Mijak when addressing community gathering in Maker Benyjok

An 80-year-old man was killed in Wunpeth village in Abyei Administrative Area on Thursday.

Miyen Mijak was murdered at his home located northwest of Agok. His relative, Monyroor Bugo, said that the attackers cut the man with a machete and also stabbed him with a spear on the neck.

Mr. Monyroor claimed he was killed by suspected armed youths from Twic County of Warrap State.

He added that the elder was killed in the presence of his wives and another woman.

In a related news, Monyroor said that his cousin Mayot Chol Deng and his son were arrested by the gunmen, on Thursday afternoon.

He added that the boy was released after he was beaten.

According to other sources the man body was recovered on Friday evening.