SSPDF’s division three deploys forces along Abyei-Twic border


South Sudan People’s Defense Force has deployed soldiers along Twic county, Warrap state and Rumammer county, Abyei administrative area on Sunday night.

The division’s commander in an interview with Abyei FM said forces are deployed in hotspot locations to contain the situation.

Major-general Akuei Ajou Akuei they presence in Miyom Ngok, Kol Luoth, Mading Jokthiang and Maker Bukdit and within Agok.

SSPDF and UNISFA will be conducting patrols day and night in the town.

He said these measures are taken to deter two communities from attacking each other and stop destruction and looting of properties.

Major-general Akuei warned that everyone caught carrying gun or loot properties will be arrested.

He urged two communities to refrain from further fighting and give them a chance to restore normality and pave the way for investigation and settlement of the dispute if it exists.

Fighting erupted on Thursday when armed youth from Twic county of Warrap State opened fire in Aniet market.

This was followed by another attack on Friday.

The market and some houses were burnt.

The cause of fight is blamed on border dispute.

Multiple sources say about twenty people have been killed including a medical officer who was working for MSF. Over thirty others were injured.

On the other hand, humanitarian organizations in Agok have evacuated most of their staff.

There is huge displacement of civilians to villages north of Agok and Abyei town where people are facing dire humanitarian situation.