Cargo plane crashed in Agok airstrip


Cargo Plane Crashed at Agok Airstrip / Abyei FM / Chol Juac

An Antonov 26 , cargo plane crashed at Agok airstrip on Tuesday morning, but no one was hurt.

The plane was hired by South Sudan Ministry of General Education and Instructions to deliver examination papers for primary eight candidates.

Primary eight candidates are sitting for primary leaving tests next week.

According to the pilot, the plane had a failure that made it difficult to be controlled on the runway.

Plane left wing felt down after hitting an object by the runway.

The plane was carrying ten people.

There were four cabin crew four employees of South Sudan ministry of general education in Juba and two security personnel.

An eyewitness, Apiok Guopjing Ngor, who lives near the airport, said that they heard the sound of flying tires exploding when the accident occurred.

 Apiok clip  “At first when the plan came, we heard a cracking sound then we thought it is fire or tire that has bust. When we came out from the rooms, we saw a big smoke and fire burning and the plane was coming to our residential. From there we run together with the children because we feared and to save our lives”

This accident is the first of its kind at Agok airstrip.

In the past, the President of South Sudan banned Antonov planes from flying in the country following a recurring plane crash.