Authorities raise concern over arms smuggling in Abyei Administrative Area

A map of Abyei Administrative Area provided by google.

The security advisor in Abyei Administrative Area has expressed fears of an increase in arms trade activities across the region. Speaking to Abyei FM on Thursday morning, Mr. Kelek Kon Lual said that the security service in the region seized a number of weapons at the hands of criminals selling arms in the region. He revealed that the man killed in Abathok on Monday evening and another killed on Friday evening last week were gunmen who tried to smuggle weapons to Amiet Market.

Mr. Lual said that members of the local security in Abathok on Monday evening killed a gunman who was ridding a motorcycle from Aniet to Abyei Town under the cover of darkness. According to him, the armed man was shot dead after resisting arrest and opening fire at the local police.

In a related development, another man was killed on Friday evening while trying to cross Akecnhial bridge forcefully. Mr. Lual also said that they had arrested the killers of two members of the community police in Akecnhial. He added that suspects are arms smugglers.