Number of people coming for covid 19 vaccination increases in Abyei

A man displays Coronavirus vaccination card at Juoljok Primary Health Care Center after getting vaccinated on 10-09-2021 | Photo credit: Deng korchiek Ayom | AIRS

The number of people coming for covid19 vaccination is increasing in Abyei Administrative Area. This is according to the director of the expanded of program on immunization in Abyei Administrative area Yusuf Lal Ayom. Ayom said this happened because they have extended vaccination to villages.

The vaccination team worked in Malual Aleu village on Monday and Tuesday this week. They vaccinated 132 people on the first day and 165 people on the second day. Yousif thanked residents of the village for what he described as a good response to the vaccination. He urged other village to also respond positively to the vaccination.

In December last year, ministry of health in South Sudan applauded Abyei for good response to COVID-19.