Security service in Abyei Administrative area holds Abyei FM radio station manager for hours

Executive Director and Program Manager of Abyei Information Service (AIRS) Mr. Karbino Dut Aguek (L). | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2022

The security service in the Abyei administration detained the executive director and program manager of Abyei Information and Radio Service (AIRS) which manages Abyei FM radio station Mr. Karbino Dut Aguek, for a few hours. Aguek detention followed the broadcast of new year’s celebration by Bongo chiefdom in Mulmul.  The celebration was aired by Abyei FM radio on Monday evening.

Aguek was arrested and held by security agents for more than five hours in Abyei Town mainly because of the speech made by Bongo’s Chief Nyol Paguot which was sharply critical of the Area’s government.

The authorities do not want dissenting voices of chiefs who were dismissed or relieved of their duties by Abyei Administrative Area government to be aired by the station.