Abyei chief administrator lays foundation stone for Ameth-Aguok county headquarters in Dungob

The foundation stone laid by Abyei Chief Administrator Kuol Deim Kuol in the presence of Ruweng Chief Administrator Peter Dau Chopkuer in Dungob 31-12-2021. | Credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2022

The Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Kuol Deim Kuol has laid a foundation stone for the construction of Ameth-Aguok County headquarters in Dungob village.

The laying of the foundation stone took place on Saturday and was witnessed by the Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Peter Dau Chopkuer, public and other officials.

Caretaker Commissioner of Ameth-Aguok County Nyok Deng Rou says his administration will provide resources for the building of the facility. Hon. Rou says having the county headquarters there will encourage return of the population and promote stability in the village.

The chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area congratulated the residents for laying the foundation stone. He promised to fully support the project.

On his part the Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Peter Dau ChopKuer says the initiative is considered as one of the ways of taking town to the village.