SPLM house reconstruction kicks off in Abyei Town

Workers rebuild SPLM House in Abyei Town. | Credit: Karbino Dut Aguek | AIRS 2021

The rebuilding of Sudan People Liberation Movement house kicked off in Abyei Administrative Area on Friday 31st 2021.

The occasion was witnessed by Hon. Kuol Deim Kuol Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area and chairman of the party, SPLM Secretary David Kiir and Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer, Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area and the party leader there.

Hon. Deim said the rebuilding cost $ 102,000 was paid by Dier Tong Ngor former Central Bank governor and his friends.

He launched a fund to rebuild the accommodation and called on Abyei sons and daughters as well as friends to make donations.

The building was constructed in 2007 but was destroyed a year later in 2008 by Sudan Armed Force.

The office is to be renamed after former chief administrator and SPLM leader, late Edward Lino Wuor Abyei. The reconstruction of the SPLM offices will be concluded in three-months time.

Meanwhile Ruweng Chief Administrator Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer donated one million South Sudanese Pounds for reconstruction of SPLM accommodation. He said Abyei and Ruweng are the founders of SPLM who sent the first batch of Jamus fighters to Bilpam in 1983.