Ruweng Administrative Area chief Dau donates money to women and police in Abyei Administrative Area

Ruweng Chief Administrator Peter Dau Chopkuer prepares to cut a ribbon to officially open the administration of finance and planning building in Abyei Town on 31-12-2022 | Credit: Karbino Dut Aguek | AIRS 2022.

The Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Peter Dau Chopkuer donated 800,000 SSP to women and community police in Ameth-Aguok county Abyei Administrative Area on Saturday.

Five hundred thousand (500,000) South Sudanese Pounds was given to women and 300,000 South Sudanese Pounds to community police in the county.

Hon. Chopkuer donated money after women and police organized the celebration of new year 2022 in Dungob village on Saturday. He appreciated women and police for their co-operation and hard work during the celebration.

The Chairperson of Women in Ameth-Aguok county, Atoc Dau says she will meet women and follow-up  the donation with Ruweng Chief Administrator.