Ministry of health conducts covid 19 vaccinations in remote villages

A man displays Coronavirus vaccination card at Juoljok Primary Health Care Center after getting vaccinated on 10-09-2021 | Photo credit: Deng korchiek Ayom | AIRS

The Acting Director-General of Health in Abyei Administrative Area Kon Thon said they conducted Covid-19 vaccinations in villages during the chief administrator’s visit to counties that started on 26 December. He said that vaccinated five hundred and fifty-six people in different villages in three days. The villages include Rumamer, Marial Achaak, Kolom and Mading Achueng among others.

Thon said the reason why they did so was that to help those in far villages to get vaccinated since they could not reach the vaccination centers.

In a related development, Abyei Administrative Area is selected as the best in vaccination performance by the ministry of health in South Sudan.

The Acting Director-General of health in Abyei Administrative Area Kon Thon said this came during a meeting attended by the surveillant officer Kon Adok in Juba Last Month.

Kon said they didn`t take great reaction because they saw as it part of their services to the community and he added Covid 19 vaccination is still ongoing in Abyei.