Abyei and Ruweng agree to enhance security and trade co-operation

Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area Hon. Kuol Deim Kuol (L) and Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer (R) | Credit: Karbino Dut Aguek | AIRS 2022

Abyei Administrative Area and Ruweng Administrative Area have agreed to enhance security and commerce through historical social and cultural ties between the two respective communities.

This came during an extended executive meeting in Abyei Town on Friday.

Ruweng Chief Administrator Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer is on a visit in Abyei with a big delegation of executives, legislators, community leaders, civil society, and media. He attended the launch of the rebuilding of the SPLM house and inauguration of premises for administration of finance and economic planning as well as celebration of new year in Donguop in Ameth-Aguok county on Saturday 1st of January 2022.

SPLM house in Abyei was first built in 2007 but was destroyed by Sudan Armed Force in 2008.

Hon. Chopkuer stated that both Ngok and Ruweng people hailed from Padang section of Jieng and that governments in these areas should work to achieve the interest of their people.