Abyei administration celebrates New Year 2022 in Ameth-Aguok

Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer delivers a speech at the new year’s celebration in Dungob in Abyei Administrative Area on 01-01-2022 | Credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2022

The end of the year and the new year 2022 celebration was held in Dungob village in Ameth-Aguok county of Abyei Administrative Area on Saturday.

The event was attended by government officials led by chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, the public and chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area with his accompanying delegation.

The Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Kuol Deim Kuol says the event was held there to promote unity, solidarity and to encourage voluntary return of the displaced persons to the villages located in northern part of Abyei. He says the next celebration will take place in Alal county.

The Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Peter Dau Chopkuer attended the event. He said he came to celebrate with the Ngok Dinka people and his counterpart. He witnessed the inauguration of government buildings in Abyei. Hon. Chopkuer reiterates that he stands with people of Abyei.