Ruweng Administrative Area chief administrator releases 6 inmates

Some of the prisoners in Abiemnhom county of Ruweng Administrative Area who were set free by Chief Administrator Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer

Six prisoners including two women were released from jail in Abiemnhom County of Ruweng Administrative Area on Friday.

The director of police in Abiemnhom County, Major Gabriel Nyakuron told Abyei FM on Wednesday. He says the release was an initiative from the chief administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Hon. Peter Dau  Chopkuer. Those who were released were charged with different crimes related to money and cattle.

The police officer advised those who were set free to think about the crimes they were charged and change.

Last week, the chief administrator took his first visit since appointment to Abiemnhom and Awarrpiny counties. He inspected the prison in Abiemnhom.