Mijak county headquarters relocated to Mabek village


Hon. Chol Adhol Monyjok commissioner of Mijak county (L), Head of Administration of physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities Hon. Mayot Kunit Miyen (C) and Abyei Deputy Chief Administrator, Hon. Chol Thuc Chol Guiny (R) | Credit: Abyei Special Administrative Area Media Team

Authorities in Mijak county in Abyei Administrative Area have relocated the county headquarters to Mabek village between Leu and Dungob villages. The transfer of the county seat was done on Tuesday.

The caretaker Commissioner of Mijak County, Hon. Chol Adhol says his administration decided the relocation of the headquarters to encourage voluntary return of people to their villages. Hon. Adhol says a team will visit to survey the village and dig a water point in it.

Mabek has been vacated since the front fighting in 2008 and 2011. Hon. Adhol made the following statement regarding establishment of Mabek as a seat of county government.

“The head of the physical infrastructure visited Mabek area yesterday to provide water services, and the health department will do the same to help in health sector in the village. The decision came after citizens requested to return to their villages, so I decided to transfer the headquarters first to encourage people to return, and providing services and stability, and here, Mabek will be the permanent headquarters of Mijak county”

Hon. Adhol appealed to the internally displaced persons to return to their original homes and promised that they would provide basic needs to ensure stability of the residents.