Ruweng Administrative Area chief administrator arrives in Abyei Administrative Area

Ruweng Administrative Area chief administrator, Hon. Peter Dau Chopkuer at Agok Airstrip, Abyei Administrative Area on 20-12-2021 | Credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2021

The Chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area, Peter Dau Chopkuer arrived in Abyei Administrative Area on Monday.

Accompanied by area officials, Hon Chopkuer was going to Abiemnhom in Ruweng Administrative Area. He says the purpose of the visit is to see the situation in the area and to establish the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement offices in Abiemnhom and Awarpiny counties.

This is Chopkuer’s first visit to Abiemnhom since he was appointed the chief Administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area. He urged communities in Ruweng Administrative Area and Abyei Administrative Area to live peacefully.

Upon arrival at Agok Airstrip, Hon. Chopkuer was received by the Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Hon. Kuol Deim Kuol. Hon. Kuol says he will meet the chief administrator of Ruweng Administrative Area after returning from Abiemnhom to discuss the situation of the two areas.