Over 30 people graduate in clinical medicines in Abyei

Credit: Abyei Special Administrative Area Media Team

Thirty-two community health workers including four women graduated over the weekend after attending a nine-month clinical course in Abyei Administrative Area. The graduation ceremony took place in Agok, Rumamer county.

The director general of health department in Abyei says the objective of training this first batch is to close the healthcare gap in the health facilities in the area.

Kon Thon Miyen says the graduates will be posted to health facilities in all the counties. The team will be providing medical treatment to patients in the villages. They were trained on how to interview patients and prescribe medicines.

One of those who received the training, Ayuel Jok says their priority is to save lives and to help the community in an improved way. He urges his colleagues to take the role seriously as humanitarian work.

The health official urged the community to cooperate with the health workers by providing them with shelter. The doors are expected to open for the second batch, but the time is not known.