Herders and farmers peace conference kicks off in Agok

Chiefs and cattle keepers taking part in the conference on 20-12-2021. | Credit: Mary Awien Akoon | AIRS

A three-day peace conference involving 89 herders and farmers from Awiel North, Twic County, Unity State, Ruweng Administrative Area, and Abyei Administrative Area kicked off in Agok of Abyei Administrative Area on Monday. Also, eleven women are taking part in the conference.

The conference is facilitated by Concordis International with support from International Organization for Migration. It is held at premises of Catholic’s Trinity Parish in Agok.

Organizers say the purpose of the conference is to discuss challenges facing herders and farmers and how to address them.

Gai Machar, is the head of herders from Unity State who are in Awarpiny County in Ruweng Administrative Area. He says hey are all brothers and that they should live in peace.

Machar added they have come with all their cattle because they have been forced from their area by flood.

The conference is attended by Alal and Rumamer county commissioners beside Ngok Dinka paramount chief.