Thirty people graduate in Great Commission in Agok

Pentecostal Church of Sudan in Agok of Abyei Administrative Area on Wednesday graduated thirty people who attended a two-year teaching on a great commission to spread the gospels.

The assistant pastor of the Pentecostal Church in Agok, Michael Nyok says the aim of this teaching is to strengthen the knowledge of people on how to deliver the word of God in their different churches. The teaching involves people from different churches.

Nyok added that, the teaching is conducted by every Home for Christ ministry. He says they graduated thirty people including ten females.

Mary Aluel is one among women who graduated. She says the teaching has been good, the most important things that she learnt is how to change from bad to good person in Christ and urged the people to come to the good life that Jesus gave them.

Chol Kuol, one of the graduates expresses happiness about the graduation. Kuol added he learned how to preach the word of God as it is without adding anything into it.