A woman appointed deputy head of court in Abyei for the first time

Rumamer County Commissioner Chol Pur Chol (R), Head of traditional court in Agok Biong Achuil Bulabek (C) and Deputy Head of Traditional court in Agok Angeth Deng Nhial (L). | Credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2021.

The head of Agok customary court in Abyei Administrative Area has appointed a woman as his deputy.

Ms. Angeth Deng Nhial has become the first woman to sit and make decision among men in the court. She was appointed on Thursday as a deputy to the newly appointed head, Chief Biong Achuil Bulabek.

Women since 2015 have been pushing for women representation in the customary courts.

Twelve other women have been chosen to work in the courts in the area. Each of the courts to be established soon will have one woman.