Thirteen women chosen to work in Abyei customary courts

Ngok Dinka Paramount Chief Bulabek Deng Kuol | Credit: Deng | Korchiek Ayom | AIRS 2021

Thirteen women have been selected to represent women customary courts in Abyei Administrative Area. This will be the first time for women to be represented in the traditional court. Local women, since 2015 have been demanding for representation in the courts.

The selection came during the end of the workshop on customary court establishment and formation of Abyei chiefs’ council on Monday.

The Paramount Chief of Ngok Dinka, Bulabek Deng Kuol says the presence of a woman in the customary court in Abyei is important. Chief Kuol says women can play a great role in solving community problems in the courts. He added that the women will be presented in each of the thirteen courts to be established in the area.

It has been agreed that nine courts will be established for the nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms and four others will be established in Abyei Town, Agok, Abyei and Amiet.

Angeth Deng Nhial is one of the women included in the customary court. She says their inclusion in the court will help the community very much, they will put a law banning abortion and dumping of newly born children by women and girls. She adds they will meet on Thursday to specify the official start of their work.