Mabuny water station resumes operation after repair

Water storage tank used to supply water to residents in  Mabuny South in Agok, Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2021

Residents of Mabuny in Agok, Abyei Administrative Area have expressed happiness after their water point was repaired. The water yard stopped working in August this year after its water pump got damaged.

The chairperson of Mabuny residential area committee, Mr. Lual Deng Akanon says the facility was repaired on Friday after spare parts were brought from Juba.

The repair was done by the department of physical infrastructure and public utilities in Abyei Administrative Area. Residents who spoke to Abyei FM were happy to have the water tank operating.

The repaired water point supplies hundreds of people in Mabuny South and Mabuny North. They said they suffered for long when the water station stopped working.