Madiing Achueng FC wins local South Sudan football cup

President of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek and Abyei Chief Administrator  Kuol Deim Kuol hand over the cup to Madiing Achueng FC on 08-12-2021 in Abyei Town. | Credit: Daniel Dau Kuol Dau. AIRS 2021

on Tuesday evening crowned Madiing Achueng FC Champions of South Sudan Cup 2021 in Abyei Administrative Area after defeating Abyei City FC 2-1.

In the first 10 minutes of the game, Madiing Achueng FC striker Lal Pajool scored the first goal.

Abyei City captain Atem Malual brought their first goal in 15 minutes ending the first half 1-1.

In the second half, Madiing Achueng FC, winger crossed the ball and Abyei City defender deflected it into their own goal giving Madiing Achueng FC a comfortable win.

The chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Gen Kuol Deim Kuol including five presidents of Zone one local football associations were among the officials who turned up to witness the match at Martyrs football playground.

Addressing the gathering, the President of South Sudan Football Association Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek urges the Area’s government to support football in the Area, saying sports can create social cohesion amongst youth.

During the event, SSFA President, Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek congratulated the wining team and gave them 50,000 SSP.

Parek donated 30,000 SSP to Abyei City, the second team in the cup, 20,000 SSP to the referees and 100,000 SSP to the organizing committee.

Meanwhile the chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area congratulated Madiing Achueng FC on winning the cup and urged them to work hard because they are going to represent the people of Abyei.

He also expressed happiness to the winning team by donating 300,000 SSP to them, sum 200,000 SSP to the second team of the cup, and 100,000 SSP to referees and organizing committee. He also gave 400,000 SSP to Abyei local football association.