Daniel Comboni Center graduates more than thirty people in trauma healing and peace building in Abyei

Some of the people who attended a training on peace building and trauma healing display certificates of completion. | Chol Ayiik Chol | 2021

Thirty-five people graduated on Saturday after attending a three-month training on peace building and trauma healing in Agok of Abyei Administrative Area.

The courses were delivered by St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Church in Agok with support from Green String International under the supervision of Episcopal Church in Agok.

Ms. Nyandeng Dut, a supervisor at the training center says majority of those who graduated are women. She stated that the participants learnt understanding of peace building, community awareness and trauma healing. Dut says there will be awareness seasons in the community through meetings in the residential areas and villages.

These meetings according to Nyandeng are meant to spread the culture of peace and to know the families affected by trauma.

In August this year, Green String trained some people from Abyei on trauma healing and peace building.