Over seventy schoolgirls in Abyei miss cash for education

Schoolgirls are Comboni primary school in Juoljok-Rumamer County.

Seventy-six girls in Comboni primary schools in Abyei Administrative Area have missed money meant for supporting girls’ education.

The head teacher of Comboni primary school, Majok Mading says he does not know the reasons the learners have not been given their cash. He says those who missed the money are registered in the program. Mading says they are waiting for a solution from Adventist Development and Relief Agency that is paying the money.

Achudi Padol a pupil in primary seven is asking for the reason of not being paid her share. She appeals for fairness in payment of the funds.

Achudi says missing this money will encourage school dropout among girls. The funds being given to school girls in upper primary and secondary schools is a support from the United Kingdom channeled through Girl Education South Sudan.

Arop Mou is the lead of Girls’ Education South Sudan program in ADRA. Mou says the payment of the money faced many challenges because many learners have lost their payment cards and that they are counting girls who have not received their funds and their names will be sent to Juba for a solution.