Payment of girls’ incentives begins in Abyei on Tuesday

Schoolgirls are Comboni primary school in Juoljok-Rumamer County.

The payment of incentives to schoolgirls is starting on Tuesday in Abyei Administrative Area. Girls in primary five, primary six, primary seven, senior one, senior two and senior three will receive 5600 SSP each while girls in primary eight and senior four will be paid 8400 SSP each.

The payment centers are Agok, Abathok, Akac-Nhial and Abyei Town.

Arop Mou Atem is the lead of girls’ incentive at Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). He called on female learners in the system to report to payment centers with their yellow cards and pointed out that any girl without this card cannot get her money.

More than 3000 female learners are expected to benefit from this program.